Staff-connected room : the new smart object
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Staff-Connected Room : When the hotel room becomes a smart object

March 21st, 2017


1CHECK is launching the concept of « staff-connected rooms »




The digital transformation in the hospitality industry is a new reality, but a reality that affects quasi exclusively the relationship between the hotels and their clients.


On one hand, hotels clients are digital: they are booking online, looking at comments on TripAdvisor, posting comments when satisfied, or not, expecting reactivity from the staff, looking for new experiences, and awaiting a lot in terms of quality of service.


On the other hand, hotel staff are non-digital workers. The reception is connected to the PMS, but beyond this point, most of the hotels run with two major tools, paper and phone. Maintenance technician, housekeepers, maids, are not connected together and there are no specifically designed tools to help them communicate in real time, exchange and share detailed information, organize tasks assignments, and help them answer and track guests requests or problems.

1Check addresses this issue while digitizing all the processes involved in the running of a hotel, offering:


  • a mobile tool to housekeepers, maids and maintenance technician to perform their tasks and communicate with each other,


  • and a web interface for the management to organize the tasks and make the good decisions in terms of finance and operations with the help of real-time KPIs.

In the meantime, the solution offers the front-desk team a unique vision on what’s happening in the hotel (incidents, room cleaning status, lost & founds, …), and enables the reception team to provide any guest with the right information they would need regarding their stay.

Therefore, 1Check directly improves the quality of service by increasing the overall team performance and reactivity, using its process management solution and dedicated information and communication system.


But the main issue, today, is to accompany the hotel staff in this digital transformation that affects their day-to-day tasks.  And the role of innovative companies like 1Check is to propose the most simple and efficient solutions that can be adopted by every staff member.

Becoming a smart object, the hotel room interacts simply and efficiently with every staff member


Guided by this objective, 1Check developed a new concept, the “Staff-Connected Room”.


Using NFC devices from its partner FAMOCO for all staff members (maids, housekeepers, technicians, …) and NFC tags in hotels rooms, 1Check creates a direct link between the room itself and those staff members. All the information required to accomplish every planed task are easily accessible just passing the device in front of the tag, data from other smart devices can also easily be collected.


The room is becoming a smart object, and the first deployments of such technology have shown that all the staff actions, like cleaning a room, checking it, solving a technical problem, are becoming even simpler to manage, as all the instructions and notification are simply communicated throughout the system.

As Pierre Lafon, CEO of 1Check states: “The digital transformation of a hotel is a digital / hi-tech project, but it is even more an HR project. And if proposing features that address the key operational challenges is mandatory, it is even more important to design solutions that bring all these technologies and innovation in a seamless manner to every staff member, in order for them to clearly adopt the solution and see the real benefits in their day-to-day tasks.


This is why we developed that concept of the “staff-connected room”, to create this natural link between all staff members and the room, and bring all the information needed to every one’s actions in the most natural manner. ”




Feel free to contact us to see how we can transform your hotel rooms in “connected rooms” :